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With a passion for connecting communities, sharing knowledge and empowering social change, Jade & Eddy established Curative; a social business enabling community communication.Meet the Curative Crew »

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The NZ Drug Foundation has a big focus on reducing the harm that comes from people driving after using drugs. Curative is helping them find creative and engaging ways of getting the message out. Click here to read more »

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We believe that you learn something new everyday. Some things you can only learn from experience, sometimes it’s a word of advice that serves as a lesson, and even little mistakes can teach you new things... Check out our latest learnings »

AboutThe story of Curative

With a passion for connecting communities, sharing knowledge and empowering social change, Jade Tang & Eddy Helm established Curative; a social business enabling community communication. We first met through yMedia, a social enterprise which partnered tertiary students, community organisations and industry professionals for collective growth. yMedia allowed us to apply our professional skill-set to give back to the community. For us it was the perfect balance of creativity and connectivity. And the more we learnt about the community sector, the more we wanted to help.
You can do anything, but you can't do everything
These words reminded us that yMedia was a passion project, not a career path. So after much soul searching, we decided to follow our hearts, and commit full-time to understanding the needs of the community, and applying our knowledge and expertise to help grow and develop the sector. Read more about our transition from yMedia to Curative » Now, with Curative, we aim to drive efficiency, break communications barriers, engage communities and help influence and progress social change in New Zealand. Ultimately, we are united by our passion to curate and create solutions to increase capability and enable community communication. 1. We appreciate the power of creative thinking, design and well-crafted words. 2. We acknowledge the strength of connectivity. 3. We have a firm belief in the importance of sharing knowledge and information.

Meet the crew:

Eddy Helm

Planner, Believer, Doer.

Before Curative, Eddy worked for a number of large and small advertising agencies managing everything from sponsorship, events, websites and consumer promotions to producing radio & television ads and developing PR campaigns. She has experience across a broad range of categories including FMCG, travel, electronics, fashion, retail, media and of course, not-for-profit. With her broad range of experience, she’s learnt that a good idea has the power to change attitudes and behaviour, and loves the challenge of making ideas come to life to work in the real world.

She believes that no matter what you’re doing, if you want to achieve great things:

  • • You should start with a well thought out plan
  • • You need to believe in your ideas
  • • And the only way to get things done, is to do it

Jade Tang


Designer, Dreamer, Doer.

Before Curative, Jade wore many different hats working with a number of organisations and events, bringing her passion for designing for social good to each project. She started her career as a web designer, and then went back to AUT university to complete a Master of Arts Management, where she explored, in depth, viable options for creative social enterprises. Through her varied roles, she’s formed a strong network proving that when the right people connect great things can happen, and enjoys bringing online and offline worlds’ together to share information and grow communities.

However you look at it, Jade likes to make stuff happen, and holds true to her belief that:

  • • You need to design for the community you’re talking to
  • • You should follow your dreams
  • • And, don’t just talk about what you’d like to do, when you can actually be doingit

Kaan Hiini


Crafter, Visualiser, Doer.

Before Curative, Kaan was travelling the world, documenting his adventures through photography and short film. Throughout his travels he met a diverse range of people, each on their own journey. These people, and the places Kaan explored ignited his passion for storytelling, prompting him to use his experience in graphic design, photography and videography to do so. With his strong sense of adventure, Kaan strives to challenge himself, continuously learning new skills, and pushing creative boundaries to tell stories in new and thought provoking ways.

He knows how powerful a well executed idea can be, and believes that, whatever you do:

  • • You need to craft everything with care
  • • If you visualise the impossible you will be compelled to do great thing
  • • You should never be afraid to do things differently

Aria Taylor


Deviser, Explorer, Doer.

Fresh off the graduation block with a Bachelor of Design in hand, Aria has a keen interest in social design and crafting identity with both pen and camera. Her final university project visually explored a bullying awareness campaign, launching her into the arena of social design and consequently she caught the eye of our Curative team. She believes that design has the ability to transcend its face value and truly engage with an audience.

Ultimately she knows that thought provoking design comes from the ability to:

  • Devise for the people you’re talking to
  • • Always explore new possibilities
  • • And do something to enhance community expectations

Meghan Geliza

Meghan Geliza

Creator, Shaper, Doer.

Before Curative, Meghan worked for several advertising agencies designing for corporate organisations, not-for-profits, FMCG and brands both large and small. She also has experience being an arts writer for local and international websites, has organised exhibits and events and is an exhibiting Pop Surreal artist. Currently doing art direction, copywriting and design for Curative is an exciting integration of her diverse skills. She truly enjoys getting amongst every facet of the design process - from the initial formation of the base communication plan, to employing words to flesh out the main idea, down to the execution of the final design.

She believes in the power of a great idea executed potently at every stage of its creation, so:

  • Create incredible things that can
  • Shape what is to come
  • • And do it for the love of it

Chloë LitchfieldChloe-Lichfield-72dpi

Composer, Conceptualiser, Doer.

Student no more, Chloë has just completed her studies in Graphic Design and Advertising at Auckland University of Technology.Chloë loves designing to entertain and inspire people. She also has a keen interest in social design. During her final year of study, Chloë worked on social change projects, visually exploring youth diabetes, community connection, and environmental awareness through illustration and film. It was because of this beautiful portfolio of work, and her empathetic approach to using design to tell stories that Curative awarded Chloë with the inaugural Social Design Award, which includes her current internship with the team.

She believes that you never stop learning, and that great design:

  • • Is that perfect composition which accompanies a great idea
  • • Always starts with an interesting concept
  • • Makes you think, feel but also makes you do something!

Sam Shore

sam shore

Writer, Inspirer, Doer.

Before Curative, Sam worked in a variety of roles within both the community sector and the arts. He has spent the last four years working with national youth organisation Rainbow Youth doing campaign management and fundraising and is passionate about youth and community engagement. His experience includes the creation and initiation of the WTF campaign which made international headlines and received over 100,000 views within its first week. Sam is also an award winning playwright, director and graphic artist and writes for TVNZ’s hit series GoGirls. In 2012 Sam was nominated for Young New Zealander of the Year, in which he received a semi-finalist award.

With his broad range of experience, Sam believes that anything and everything is a possibility, all it takes is:

  • Writing and telling a good story and
  • Inspiring others to get behind a shared vision,
  • • And simply getting on and getting things done - even when it's really really hard.

Edward Dever

Implementer, Pathfinder, Doer.

Edward is the newest addition to the Curative family. He deeply believes that the world can be made better by the bringing together of ideas, and he is dedicated to being a part of that. Coming from an arts background, and armed with a business degree from The University of Canterbury, Edward is excited about helping organisations achieve positive impact for their communities, for society, and for the world. He enjoys guiding projects through from conception to completion, and finding creative and innovative solutions to problems. One thing he takes utmost pleasure in is meeting interesting people and hearing about their interesting projects. He’s looking forward to meeting you.

Edward knows that the greatest ideas can only be great if they:

  • • Are implemented in a way that takes into account every element
  • • Have solid targets, and a pathfinder to guide the way
  • • Ultimately make some decisions, and start doing.

ServicesCurating the right tools

At Curative: we create ideas and curate connections to enable community communication With new technologies and online communication growing, the way that people consume information is always changing. We know that this can make it difficult to navigate where people’s attention lies and reach people in the spaces that they’re actually in. However, there is a wide range of tools both online and off which you can use to help bring clarity and focus to your organisation, align teams of people around a clear purpose and enable people to work together to achieve extraordinary things. Curative can help you with everything from websites and social media to design, copy-writing, fundraising and event management.
With a long list of experience and skills, and a large network of creative talent, we enjoy taking on any communication challenge.

WorkCreations + Collaborations

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Starship Foundation – Big Egg Hunt

Starship Foundation supports nearly 120,000 patient visits every year by children from all over New Zealand. The Foundation wants every New Zealand family to...

NZ Drug Foundation – Steer Clear

The New Zealand Drug Foundation is committed to preventing and reducing drug-related harm in New Zealand. One current area of interest for them is...

HELP Auckland – #ConversationsCount

HELP has been Auckland’s specialist provider of sexual abuse support services since 1982. They work to enable women and children suffering from the effects...

The Tindall Foundation

The Tindall Foundation is a philanthropic family foundation that supports charitable organisations and not-for-profit groups. They aim to help build a stronger, sustainable New...

Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute

The Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute was established in 2013 by the P3 Foundation to help train and inspire a new generation of New Zealand...

Core Education

CORE Education is all about pushing the boundaries of educational possibility. As a not-for-profit, CORE Education has been providing world-class professional learning and...

The Harbour

HELP, SAFE and RPE all work to provide support services for victims, perpetrators and the families/whanau of those affected by harmful sexual behaviour. While...

Complex Care Group

Complex Care Group is a support and information network for a special group of carers, run by carers, who look after young people with...

Zeal – Live For Tomorrow

Zeal is a not-for-profit youth organisation that exists for the advancement of young people in the creative arts, leadership and education, and provides...

Leadership New Zealand

Leadership New Zealand exists to foster a culture of leadership in our nation It aims to ensure that NZ leaders understand and are equipped...

My Lifewise

Lifewise is an Auckland based not-for-profit social service and development organisation which focuses on solutions to a wide range of social issues affecting New...

Innovate Change

Innovate Change is all about designing and developing creative solutions for organisations that deal with health, youth and social issues.

Naturally, Innovate Change and Curative’s...

TEAR Fund – Poverty Cycle:

TEAR Fund is one of New Zealand’s largest Aid and Development agencies, who work globally in the poorest communities to eradicate poverty on our...


LIFEHACK is an initiative, funded by Ministry of Social Development, which brings together young people to dream up and create new technology solutions to...

Inspiring Communities

Inspiring Communities’ mission is to help create change through effective community-led development (CLD). A small, virtual organisation, Inspiring Communities is committed to catalysing, promoting...

Counties Manukau – Health System Integration

Counties Manukau Health is undergoing a massive systems change, moving to a more local and integrated patient experience to strengthen the healthcare system in...

Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam believes that in a world rich in resources, poverty is an injustice that needs to be addressed. Each year, they run a Christmas...

The Cube

Created by young people, for young people, The Cube endeavours to provide a central place for young people with disabilities to find safe and...

Global Poverty Project

The Global Poverty Project fosters a belief that within this generation, we can put an end to extreme poverty. The organisation campaigns to activate...


In response to some of the challenges that the community, not-for-profit and NGO services face, Curative forged an alliance with Adage Business and AUT...

Fair Trade Auckland

Fair Trade campaigners have been appealing to the Auckland Council for several years to make Auckland a Fair Trade City, joining a network of...

Lifewise Big SleepOut

For the third year now, Lifewise is bringing together a team of influential New Zealanders to brave the elements, in a bid to raise...

WTF? – Rainbow Youth & OUTLine

Rainbow Youth and OUTLine NZ are two of New Zealand’s most prominent nationally-focused queer, trans, and rainbow organisations. Their support services have never been...

PIYN – British Council

The PIYN (People in your Neighbourhood) project involves aspiring artists and performers from Auckland’s diverse communities, working with the best of contemporary UK talent,...

Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Driven by the simple belief that great neighbours make great neighbourhoods, Neighbours Day aims to turn streets into neighbourhoods, strangers into friends and every...

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a shared workspace for cooking up ideas for social good. With a new approach to working, The Kitchen is more than...

CreativeMornings Auckland

Creative Mornings is an international concept which we have recently adopted here in New Zealand. It provides a forum for discussion and inspiration with...


yMedia is not officially a Curative project, however it was the vehicle that bought Jade & Eddy together, uncovered a shared vision, and empowered...

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Curative NZ Ltd

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Eddy Helm:
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Jade Tang:
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So, we’ve set aside time in our diary each week to get to know someone new. We find that each person we meet brings new perspective, fresh energy and learnings. And we hope that people get the same value from meeting us too.

So, if you’d like to get to know us better, ask for our advice, or share your own experiences, we’d love to meet you.

To make a time, please email us: hello@curative.co.nz

Little learnings for big thinkers

We believe that you learn something new everyday

Some things you can only learn from experience, sometimes it’s a word of advice that serves as a lesson, and even little mistakes can teach you new things. So, as we learn and grow, we’ll collect and share some of our lessons here.

Hopefully you’ll learn something new too!

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