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We believe people are the experts in their own experiences.

We work in ways which draw on the wisdom of the communities we work in, with and alongside. No matter the size or scale of our projects, we build in space and time to listen deeply, uncover opportunities, unlock imagination and awaken creativity. 

We’re always chasing ideas and messages that both resonate and inspire. We’re looking to cut through assumptions and challenge norms. And we seek to amplify and celebrate community voices and experiences.

Our processes value and privilege lived experience, actively share power and enable authentic participation. Our spaces, creative processes and ways of working are designed to be inclusive of and accessible to everyone.

We design to a rhythm

No two projects at Curative look exactly the same. However, they all follow a similar rhythm; from wānanga (listening and learning) to mōhio (building understanding), auahatanga (unlocking creativity and imagination) and whakamātautau (testing and refining our ideas).   

While our process allows us to go wide and deep with our thinking, it also creates moments of clarity (rongo, mārama and mātau) which allow us to make critical decisions about how to move forward with any project.   

Our approach centers the perspectives and realities of those who will be reflected in, or targeted by, our work. This often includes recruiting co-designers with lived experience of the challenge at hand, to guide and inform our work.

We listen and learn to unlock opportunities

To help us build our understanding of the complexities, challenges, and opportunities which lie at the heart of an issue – we always begin by listening. 

We build relationships with the communities who will be impacted by the project. We listen closely to their realities, perspectives, and needs. We also gather existing research, draw on our networks, and speak with subject matter experts and sector leaders.

Together with our partners, our co-designers and their communities, we surface themes, identify key insights and explore the greatest communication opportunities to influence change.

There’s power in stories well told

We know that narratives can cause harm. They can reinforce inequalities, marginalise and exclude, silence and divide. But they can also be wielded as a powerful force for change, shifting not just ideas but lived realities. 

Mental health. Parenting. Drugs and alcohol. Homelessness. Disability. Poverty. Topics like these can feel tough. 

Curative is always looking for creative and engaging ways to make these things easier to talk about and to find ways to connect authentically.

We uncover the clarity in the complexity

If we want to shift paradigms, we need to bring everyone together on the journey. However, complex systems and networks of stakeholders can create barriers for change. 

By thinking strategically about what information needs to be communicated to move things forward, we can find clarity and simplicity that helps unlock potential. We do this by working together to articulate the challenge, set a vision, create theories of change and find ways to communicate strategy creatively and effectively to key stakeholders.

Mā te wānanga ka rongo
Mā te rongo ka mōhio
Mā te mohio

ka mārama
Mā te mārama ka mātau
Mā te mātau ka ora te iwi

We design heart-led brands

When we know who we are, people see us more clearly, making it easier to create deeper relationships. Crafting strong brand identities allows us to bring an organisation’s purpose to life and welcomes your communities and audiences to feel more engaged, inspired and part of positive change.  

A great brand is so much more than a logo. It’s how we make people feel, it’s the experiences people have with you, the language you use, the places you show up and the trust and resonance that it builds

We craft and refine ideas with care

The potential of great ideas can only be realised in the way that they are brought to life. 

Whether we are designing a new brand, establishing a social marketing campaign, shooting a video or using our visual and language skills to make sense of complexity, our creative team add a level of craft, care and refinement to every piece of work.

Where possible we work with creative talent from within the communities we’re working with. This could see them behind the camera or on the design tools, helping to write scripts or content, and often as stars of it all. No matter their role, we seek to make their experience fun, supportive and a space of learning and growth.