We are a creative agency inspiring social change.


There’s a powerful quote that has always motivated Curative.

“If you think someone must do something, don’t forget you are someone.

Like most people, we hope for a better world.  And, we know that to make a difference, we must do something, now.

Founded in 2012 by Eddy Royal and Jade Tang-Taylor, Curative has been committed to finding interesting new ways to inspire change since day one.  Eddy now leads an experienced team of creative thinkers, who are passionate about creating beautiful work that makes real impact.

We spend our days working with the change-makers and the brave to help change the narrative of some of our most complex social issues. We’re lucky to work with people and organisations committed to making the world better, who are open to trying new things, and who truly value the perspectives and insights of their audiences

Our work includes shaping the way that issues are presented, helping people understand what perpetuates harm, and empowering people to take their own actions for positive change.

We love the challenge of finding unique and engaging ways to tell the stories of amazing changemakers. We know how to create brands that stand out, and how to get people behind a cause.





Those with vision and passion.

Meet the whānau.



Eddy Royal.

Director and Mama of One

Eddy’s passion for social change, her creative thinking and ability to bring people together around a cause get put into action everyday at Curative. She loves nothing more than a challenging new brief, and exploring brave new ways to create conversations that lead to change.  

You can often find her facilitating workshops, clarifying insights and working with others to dream up new ideas.  

Eddy draws on her years of commercial experience in PR and Advertising to use her practiced strategic thinking and ideation to help respond to complex social issues.

When she isn't at Curative, she's planning her next beach adventure with her husband Gareth and little girl Luka.




Sarah Wilson.

Project Manager and Tidy Kiwi

Sarah has a passion for helping people get to where they want to go.

With a background working for advertising and digital agencies, along with volunteering with purpose driven NGOs in London, Guatemala and Fiji, Sarah brings her broad range of experience to Curative to help people who are making a difference share their stories in rich and engaging ways.

She loves connecting people, getting things done, and having fun at the same time. She’s the one to keep projects on time and on budget, while also pushing creative boundaries to deliver memorable experiences; whether it’s a new website, video or printed piece of collateral.  

When she’s not at Curative you’ll find Sarah outside, biking, running, gardening, sailing or just sitting in the sun with a cup of tea and her book.  



Red Nicholson.

Project Manager and Conversationalist

Red likes to think things through. And then think them through again.

Red has spent much of his working life in the education sector, as a teacher, Head of Department and Dean. These experiences have helped develop a persistent curiosity and a passion for social justice. Red believes strongly in the vision of an equitable and diverse Aotearoa, where all people are valued and supported to live extraordinary lives. A father to two young boys, Red also uses a wheelchair and lives with cerebral palsy. 

As both a media consumer and producer, Red is a firm believer in the power of stories to combat stereotypes and shift societal assumptions about what people are capable of. In his downtime, Red enjoys writing and podcasting, along with keeping tabs on sports, technology, and politics. He likes to think he’s changing the way people think about disability, one conversation at a time.


Imogen Parry

Strategist, Project Leader, and Green Tea Aficionado

With a background in design, small-business entrepreneurship, and social innovation, Imogen believes connectedness and collaboration can reveal possibility inside complex challenges.

Her perspective has been shaped not only by her professional opportunities and studies, but also through lived experience of long-term illness and disability – a period of time in her twenties and early thirties which, she says, deeply influenced who she is, how she thinks, and where she is drawn to contribute. 

Prior to joining the Curative team, Imogen helped to design, build, and tell the story of The Be Lab – a New Zealand-based, globally-networked centre for access innovation. She is a graduate of the 2016 Leadership New Zealand programme, and is delighted to now support the organisation’s efforts as a member of the board.

Away from Curative HQ, you will find Imogen attending to the needs of her two high maintenance Burmese cats – Peter and Audrey.


Jo Mitchell.

Project Manager and Crochet Enthusiast (On leave)

Jo is curious.

She wants to know what makes everyone tick and the paths we took to get to where we are today. By constantly asking why, she believes we can better understand how to change attitudes and behaviours to tackle the social challenges we face now and in the future.

She loves to connect and immerse herself in the world of others and use the power of collaborative creativity to come up with new and exciting ideas. She feels most at home facilitating workshops, brainstorming and strategizing with insights.

Jo brings with her years of experience as a marketing strategist and qualitative researcher and has worked with clients from across commercial and NFP sectors.

When she’s not asking you questions, you’ll either find Jo on the beach, at gigs with her partner Tim or following dogs on instagram.


Kaan Hiini.

Senior Designer and Pop Culturista

Kaan is an explorer.

He loves to experiment, always searching for an unexpected angle, a new way to create meaningful impact.

He strives to challenge himself, by learning new skills, and pushing creative boundaries to tell stories in new and thought provoking ways. You’ll find him squirrelled away behind two massive screens, designing, editing, refining and crafting.

When he's not at Curative you’ll find him enjoying the many delights that Auckland’s creative community has to offer, learning te reo Māori, or drinking too much coffee at a local cafe.



Logan Bradley.

Senior Designer and White Sneaker Enthusiast

Logan likes things to look good.

His desire to bring a contemporary aesthetic to projects that have a meaningful purpose has become a reality with his work at Curative. His background working as a multi-media designer means that Logan likes to approach things from various angles, with the aim of bringing to life visuals that are modern and resonate with those that interact with them. 


Nicole Streeter.

Junior Designer and Enigmatic Millennial

Nicole believes in the ability of beautiful and thoughtful design to make a real impact in the world.

Nicole’s love of creating work that sparks curiosity and captures the imagination led her on the path to Curative, after recently graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Hons) from Massey University. She’s learning and absorbing as much as she can from the talented team around her, so she can one day seize power and rule the studio with an iron fist.

When she’s not learning new things at Curative, Nicole is usually off on weekend adventures, finessing her illustration skills, or trying out local food joints.

Innovation Unit

Innovation Unit NZ.

Innovation Unit is a social enterprise based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. They work internationally, with their partners and clients to deliver the tangible and measurable changes they want to see in the world, creating impact at scale.

We share our studio with Innovation Unit NZ, and collaborate on many projects together.