Brand Development
Tupu Toa & Global Women

Tupu Toa is an innovative national internship and early career development programme with a focus on delivering sustained support for Māori and Pasifika tertiary students and early career graduates to fulfil their career aspirations and become business and community leaders in NZ and internationally.

To support the programme and establish a brand that works for the various stakeholders; students, Māori and Pasifika communities and corporates, Curative employed a co-design process to capture the broad insights, and find a creative solution to meet the varying needs.

The final brand mark is inspired by traditional motifs found in tapa and tukutuku panels; each telling the story of the intended impact and support that Tupu Toa brings. The word mark itself with an increasing weight from word to word also provides a visual metaphor for the underlying meaning ‘growing strength’.


Special thanks to the
co-designers involved in the workshops and feedback for the Tupu Toa brand.