Brand Development
New Zealand Drug Foundation

NZ Drug Foundation and Odyssey are establishing a new pilot programme for teachers and educators to implement a whole school approach to reduce drug and alcohol related harm in secondary schools.

Curative used a co-design approach to help determine the name and brand Tūturu; a name that captures the confidence, honesty, truth and deepening of values and identity that the programme seeks to encourage.  

As the whole school approach grounds all services, it acts as the strongest foundation for educators, like the Tūturu pou it is the deepest pillar.

The resulting brand reflects this strength through its use of bold, contemporary colours, solid typography, and the Tūturu web that underpins and supports the brand toolkit.  

Curative continues to work alongside the NZ Drug Foundation to bring the brand to life through video and teaching materials that are being used for the pilot, and are intended to be used in schools nationwide.


Huge thanks to the co-designers from participating schools, and the young people who have been involved with the video production.

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