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The Movement


Proof of Concept

Peer Crowd Steering Group

The Movement was established as a proof of concept to explore how to reach and engage young people in South Auckland to help minimise alcohol related harm.

Following our co-design approach, we worked with a group of young people in South Auckland to create a memorable afternoon of fun activities that provided a safe space for play, relaxation and connection, as well as a backdrop for Instagrammable content. Full of surprises and rewards, people could stay for the whole afternoon or just participate in a single activity.

The Movement is all about good times that are actually good. Good times you’ll remember, that will test your limits, that will make you stronger. It’s good for you. Good for the fam. Good for the community. All good.

With this in mind, the design needed to feel alive as the name suggested. A responsive logo was created that could morph to hold imagery in any number of ways – it’s visualisation being recognisable while maintaining a fluid nature. This sense of movement extended throughout the brand’s graphic executions for imagery, text and animation, creating an overall sense of motion and activity. The brand also needed to feel right for the audience, with an execution that leant heavily on streetwear aesthetics and a bold, contemporary colour palette.


Thank you to our co-designers, the amazing team at Handle the Jandal and our media partner Mai FM

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