The Harbour

Brand and Website Development 

Partners: HELP, SAFE And Rape Prevention Education 


HELP, SAFE and RPE all work to provide support services for victims, perpetrators and the families/whānau of those affected by harmful sexual behaviour. While each group focuses their attention differently, they collectively recognised that there isn’t a clear pathway into education, treatment or support, and often those really needing help are failing to access services due to a lack of knowledge about what is available.

Curative took on the challenging brief to produce an online resource which aims at becoming a trusted resource and a point of hope for people currently living the ripple effects of harmful sexual behaviour.

Using co-design principles to involve all of the partner agencies, and extensive user-journey mapping undertaking by the FACs team, we were able to determine a name, visual language, content structure, content, and ultimately a beautiful website which serves as an anchor to help people recover from sexual abuse. Our wish is that The Harbour will truly help people understand that their experience will not define who they will be.


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Special thanks to our collaborators & contributors:

Empathy Interviews: Sarah Scott - MSD

Website Development: 96Black