Steer Clear 

Social Marketing Campaign

NZ Drug Foundation

The New Zealand Drug Foundation is committed to preventing and reducing drug-related harm in New Zealand. One current area of interest for them is the effect that smoking cannabis has on a young person’s ability to drive.

After supporting Innovate Change in planning a social marketing campaign to reduce drug related driving harm, Curative has taken on the responsibility of implementing the project now titled: ‘Steer Clear’.

Right from the naming and branding, Curative has employed co-design processes to ensure that all elements are developed in a way that is interesting and relevant to the target audience, while also clearly promoting the behaviour change goals.

To encourage young people to find safer alternatives to driving high, the campaign uses various integrated components to engage young people, including a full-scale driving ‘experience’ which is touring through events during 2014/15, a website, social media activity and content, and a radio partnership with Mai FM.


Steer Clear was a finalist in the 2015 Best Design Awards in the Public Good Category.


Special thanks to our collaborators & contributors:

Planning: Innovate Change

Illustration: James Stewart


  • Adam Taylor
  • Ants Bell
  • Chris Parker
  • Hamish Parkinson 

Website development: 96 Black

Simulator Production: Mindhive

Event Production: Handle the Jandal

Social Media: Socialites


  • Alex Neilson
  • Arthur Miru
  • Beth Maynard
  • Davina McGinn
  • Grace King
  • John Sibanda
  • Langi Latu
  • Mason Vincent
  • Matthew Ward
  • Michael Tau
  • Natasha Gaffin
  • Radhika Lodhia
  • Ryan Wang
  • Sarah Colcord
  • Savannah Lee Mina Matua
  • Toni Walsh