Social Enterprise Auckland

Auckland Council


Auckland’s social enterprise and social innovation sector have enormous potential, but limited connection and support. In light of this, the Auckland Council is championing the development of a rallying point; a brand that social enterprises can attach themselves to in order to foster community and engagement within the sector.

Curative firmly believes that a brand for a project like this must have community at its core. As such, Social Enterprise Auckland was created through community consultation and co-design process.  

The brand that has resulted is representative of Auckland, drawing inspiration from the conical Maunga that dot the city’s landscape. A microsite is currently in development to house the ongoing conversation about social enterprise in Auckland.




Prepared with care by:

  • Project Lead: Eddy Dever
  • Project Support: Jade Tang & Eddy Helm
  • Brand Design: Kaan Hiini
  • Website Design & Development: Kaan Hiini & Aria Taylor