Play Your Best Card


Creative Development
Health Promotion Agency

Play Your Best Card is a fun team-based card game that inspires critical thinking so that young
people can explore practical ways of dealing with situations, both good and bad.

The game was developed in response to a need to better understand how young people were using an existing resource that had been developed by the Health Promotion Agency, and a desire from them to create a more engaging way for young people to think critically about the role of alcohol in their lives.

Curative applied our co-design process with a group of teenagers, youth educators and service providers. Out of this process it became clear that there was an opportunity to develop a resource that went beyond what teenagers and facilitators had become accustomed to; and together with the co-designers the concept of a card game that encourages creativity, storytelling, open discussion and learning sprung to life.

The game allows young people to understand their personal values, build confidence around what that means when decision making in situations they may face and encourages help-seeking behaviours by introducing a number of youth support organisations within the game.

Alongside the game, support materials were created for those facilitating the game and a take-home pamphlet to help encourage young people to continue these critical conversations beyond the game.

In the first week of launch The Health Promotion Agency has so far distributed close to 500 copies of the game to secondary area schools, Māori medium schools, Alternative Education centres, teen parent units and youth service providers.


Special thanks to our collaborators and contributors:

Ben Lewens

Sunny Lee

Rebecca Renwick

Dillan Singh

Georgia Faunt

Bai Buliruarua

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