Living Sober 

Website Development and Community Building

NZ Drug Foundation in partnership with Matua Raki and the Health Promotion Agency  


Living Sober is a community website designed to support people who have difficulty moderating their drinking and are looking at the role that alcohol plays in their lives. The website was funded by NZ Drug Foundation, Matua Raki and the Health Promotion Agency. The community has been established by Mrs D, as a response to her best-selling memoir, which describes her drinking problem, charts her route to sobriety and reveals how crucial the online recovery community became for her.

Curative worked closely with Mrs D to establish a new name, develop a look & feel which reflects the book cover, identify the necessary site content, structure and functionality, and manage the design and development of the website to meet the needs of its community. 

Within the first week of its launch, Living Sober gained nearly 1000 members, proving the necessity for a supportive community - spearheaded by Mrs D - that allows for an exploration into one's relationship with alcohol.

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Special thanks to our collaborators & contributors:

Content, Direction & Community Management: The wonderful Mrs D

Website Development: 96black