Why you need to know... what you don’t know

Nobody knows everything, which is good, because nobody likes a ‘know-it-all’. But in your day job, it is important that you do know how to get things done. This week we learnt that also means it’s just as important to understand the things you don’t know.

After exploring banking options, we were discouraged by one in particular who rushed us straight into a meeting with ‘Ben’ who would be our business banking consultant, and would set us up with a business banking account right then and there. Initially we thought ‘Wow, that’s service, no waiting time at all’. But our minds were quickly changed when he was unable to answer any questions for us, and it transpired that not only had he never set up a business account before, he hadn’t even been trained in the product and couldn’t even answer basic questions.

Needless to say, we didn’t stick with that bank. Which in a way is a shame. We’d done a bit of research in advance, we liked the values of that bank, we thought their approach was clever - in short, the marketing had won us over, but the delivery let us down. So eager to get our business, they didn’t stop to match us with some-one that would actually be able to provide us with the support we needed.

Curative was in a similar position to that bank this week. We were offered the opportunity to work with a client, however on reading the email asking for our help, we could see that the brief was beyond our immediate capabilities. But we really wanted to provide them with the support they needed.

Instead of stretching ourselves, and delivering a solution that only went part way to meeting their needs, we were open and up-front about our own abilities, and suggested that we manage a trusted partner with the technical expertise needed to get the job done.

Our approach was met with respect, and an appreciation that we genuinely have their best interests at heart. And they didn’t turn us away. In fact, we’re now working with our friends at The Space in Between to put together a comprehensive response. Acknowledging that we couldn’t do it ourselves has allowed us to build the best team around us for the job, deliver better results for the client and forge a stronger relationship.

If our banking friend ‘Ben’ had of done the same, the marketing and the delivery may have married up, and we wouldn’t be banking elsewhere.

Curative Rubber Stamps

In other news, we dealt with the friendly and speedy guys at Stamp-City for Curative’s rubber stamps, they definitely know what they’re doing.