But Why?


It’s such an important question. Yet once we grow out of the naturally (and annoyingly) inquisitive ‘but why’ stage as a child, we often forget to ask ourselves this question as we move through our grown up lives.

As we’ve been piecing together our own website (which is coming very soon!) we stumbled on a mild brain-freeze while articulating what Curative is and how we can help. It wasn’t that we didn’t know the answers to the what and the how, it was just that the sizzle was missing.

Fortunately though, the writers block quickly came unstuck, after we were reminded of this TED talk by Simon Sinek which helped us refocus the energy of our own story into the why?

It can be such an empowering question. If you really know why you’re doing something, it becomes so much easier to figure out how.

Why > How > What