Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Working in a co-working space, like The Kitchen, means that there’s always new faces in the building, and new neighbours sitting at the desk next to you. To make the space feel inviting, safe, collaborative and full of energy, we all really need to make the effort to get to know one-another. So, this week Murray instigated a shared lunch where we ate, talked, laughed and before long we were engrossed in discussions about solving the worlds problems. 

Our shared lunch showed us how easy it is to break down the barriers that we put up between ourselves and ‘strangers’. And it also served as a timely reminder that knowing your neighbours matters. 

A couple of years ago now, Rebecca Harrington, a self confessed community advocate, realised that many people today feel they are isolated from their neighbours, yet are unsure what to do about it. So, with the support of a number of agencies, she set about to change this through Neighbours Day; a campaign which aims to get kiwis to go one step further to know their neighbours. 

Driven by the simple belief that great neighbours make great neighbourhoods, the campaign is about turning streets into neighbourhoods, strangers into friends and every street in New Zealand into a fun, friendly, safe and resilient place to live. 

So, when our friends at the Mental Health Foundation & Lifewise asked if we could help share what Neighbours Day means, we were all too happy to help. And in the spirit of neighbourliness we roped in some of our own neighbours and friends, including our wonderful photographer and editor Kaan Hiini, to bring it all to life in this little video.  

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who bought their energy and enthusiasm to this clip. We had so much fun making it, and learned a lot about the importance of a good neighbourhood.  Please feel free to share the video with your friends and family, and get involved with Neighbours Day too!  

The Kitchen may not be a neighbourhood as such, but we share the principals of Neighbours Day, and appreciate the power of getting to know one-another. And, just imagine what could happen, if all of the neighbourhoods in New Zealand start conversations about solving the worlds problems, like we did over our shared lunch!

Thanks to Morna Haist for the photos of our shared lunch!