To do: Write a to do list.

Two weeks new, and already it feels like we’ve achieved so much. But there is still (and always will be) so much more to do.

  • Talk with lawyers
  • Set up bank account
  • Create incorporated business with accountant
  • Sign paperwork
  • Design brand
  • Clarify mission/vision/values
  • Buy stationery
  • Write five-year plan

The list really, truly does go on. And that’s without even touching on the work in progress with our community minded clients.

With an ever growing list of things we need to get done, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by the process.

So, to avoid going to that debilitating place where you simply don’t know where to begin and become paralysed by in-action, we’re champions of the daily to-do list, and relish crossing off every task as we complete it.

The trick for us is arranging our to-do list at the beginning of the week, breaking projects into achievable pieces assigned to each day, to make sure that we meet all of our deadlines, whether they are self-set or imposed by others. We know that we can’t plan for everything, but this way at least we can work around the big tasks in our week.

We’ve used lots of task management tools in the past including Remember the Milk, Basecamp, Teux Deux and Outlook Tasks; and they each have their pro’s and con’s. But right now we’re using a shared google doc, striking through the tasks as they’re done. And even though it’s only one step up from a pen and paper, we love how easy it is to use and share.

I’m sure there are many more tricks to keeping on top of things, and we’ll learn more as we go along. But for now, as simple as it seems writing a to-do list really is what you need to do.

One big task ticked off our list

Curative NZ Ltd Certificate of Incorporation - One big task ticked off our list!