Make time to reflect. And know when to ask for help.

Phew! Our heads are just peeking back up now after a solid six weeks of busy-ness. The best kind of busy. We’ve been working with so many interesting people, on so many interesting things, we haven’t had time to sit back and reflect on what we’ve achieved, and more importantly, how we achieved it. 

But now that we have a brief moment of silence, before the next hurricane of activity consumes us, we can see just how important it is to make time to stop, to acknowledge what’s been done, what hurdles we’ve overcome, and refocus our attention, energy and learnings into the next set of projects. 

Among the list of things that kept us on our toes were four fairly significant projects. Fair Trade Auckland presented us with an exciting brief, but a very short timeframe to achieve it in. Our friends at Rainbow Youth & Outline needed to launch their WTF campaign shortly after. The Lifewise Big SleepOut needed a video shot and edited. And we needed to help British Council stage a week-long PIYN workshop with a couple of creative legends from the UK, as a side event for design conference Semi-Permanent.

The only way we were going to give all of these projects the creative energy and attention that they needed was to acknowledge energy levels, and to know when to ask for help. 

We could see our ‘to-do’ list getting longer than we could achieve ourselves, and the skill-set needed pushing our own experience, so we called in our favourite hipster and all round talented craftsman, Kaan Hiini to help us with a few things. 

Having extra resource, allowed us to be more creative, and more responsive to some pretty demanding timelines, and complex projects. And through this period, we learnt that anything is possible with the right attitude and enough energy.

And we’re lucky to have this learning under our belt as Jade heads off for a three week stint in the UK to absorb as much as she can for another British Council project. It makes it an easy, logical and exciting step to extend our team to include Kaan as a semi-permanent fixture so that Eddy isn’t left carrying the load alone.  

Together we can divide and conquer, share the load, manage energy levels and achieve anything we put our mind to.