Seeya Seeya Later…

Jo, sashay away
bye girrr bye

Astonishingly, last week was my final week at Curative before my next big role as a mum. WHAT!?

Writing that on screen has turned my insides upside down (which is not far from what’s happened with this baby taking up all the space).

The beginning of 2018 looked radically different from today, in between now and then I’ve gotten married, moved out to the Hibiscus Coast and of course been growing our new little family member! Without a doubt, within the next few weeks the arrival of our very small person will be bringing even bigger changes.

Throughout this though, I’ve been really lucky and grateful to have the support and love of my Curative whānau who have helped me stay resilient and been my personal cheer squad.

It’s hard to think that I won’t be seeing these amazing people every day, the constant presence of the tops of their heads over my screen and forcing them to listen to my unfunny jokes and stories... at least not for a little while!

I’m already feeling FOMO with some great projects coming up, but I’ll be watching from afar whilst being caught up in nappies, feeds, naps and plenty of snuggles with the newest member to the Curative whānau.

It’s an exciting future ahead for myself, my husband Tim and our families. Thinking about the new human we’re bringing into this world has only strengthened my conviction to continue to create positive social change for the future of our young people.

So, in the words of the infamous Suzy Cato (who has left a mark on an entire generation of young people), See you see you later, it's time to say goodbye. See you See you later, I've really got to fly.

So see you see you later, it's time for us to end*.

See you, see you later, I'll be back again!

*for now…

Jo xx

Jo Mitchell