Month one, tick

Sarah Wilson joins Curative

I’ve now been at Curative for over a month and what a month it has been.

I’ve met so many new people, dived head first into work, and already launched my first project. 

The last three years of my life have been a whirlwind of new places, new people and new experiences as I’ve travelled, volunteered and lived around the world. Some of my top highlights was the volunteering I did: working on an indigenous family farm in Ecuador, in a turtle hatchery in Guatemala and with locals in Fiji.

These awesome experiences all pushed me on my return to find a job that helped the community I lived in - enter Curative! 

With a background working in Digital and Advertising companies as a Project Manager, and with a passion for helping others Curative is a perfect fit. But what I’ve found here is so much more than the dream job. Curative is a family, supporting each other and their clients. There is so much love and trust and that means that on a daily basis we have amazing authentic, brave and challenging conversations. 

Needless to say I was thrown straight into it, working with Kaan to get a microsite live for TeachFirst NZ’s first round of recruitment (

Within my first two weeks at Curative we had created a new look and feel, condensed content and built this awesome website to help recruit students. 

During this process, and the other projects in been involved in, I’ve already learnt so much, including how to make the best pot of coffee, that you can never have too much chocolate and more seriously what is Co-Design. Co-Design is one of the most logical processes I’ve seen applied in the design area, it makes sure we learn from the people we’re designing for and importantly with, and allows us to iterate continuously, to challenge ideas and deliver an already user tested result. This process focuses on finding the patterns in what people say and do, applys design principles and then makes these ideas tangible and the results I’ve already seen are powerful and the people they're for are empowered (including me!). 

My welcome back to NZ and into the Curative family has been so warm, supportive and exciting that I only hope I can pass that feeling on to our awesome clients and support them in all the ways they need.

Thanks to the rest of the Curative team, I’m really looking forward to working with you all!

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson