New life stages at Curative


Over the last 18 months, there has been a huge amount of change and growth here at Curative as we’ve navigated our way through new life stages both professionally and personally. 

We’ve consciously created space and time for introspection, to sharpen our tools, to clarify processes, to get to know ourselves better, and to set a new course together. We’ve rebranded, re-furnished and rejuvenated. 

We’ve said farewell to some of the family as they’ve left for new adventures or to explore personal passions, and we’ve welcomed new people in to help Curative stretch and strengthen.  

It hasn’t always felt comfortable. There have been many crunchy conversations, and challenging decisions. Our resilience as individuals and as a team has been tested. But through it all our appetite has only increased to produce creative that is both beautiful and impactful, to be brave in the work that we tackle, to embrace and encourage change, and to always operate with aroha. 

And I guess, when you’re in the business of creating change, it’s pretty important that you practice change yourself too. That you understand it’s edges, and recognise the courage that’s needed to step into the unknown, into the new.

So, with all of these big lessons to help me on the way, I’m ridiculously excited to be stepping into my next personal ‘unknown’; motherhood.

Having established Curative six years ago, and taken on sole ownership in 2016, it could be a really scary time as I step away from this place for a little while. But with my due date fast approaching, I feel really confident that Curative has grown up enough to stand strong without me holding it up.

The team are clever, kind, creative and brave. I know they will continue to smash assumptions, challenge norms, explore new ideas and find new ways to get things done.

And I can’t wait to see the magic that they create.


Meanwhile, my amazing husband Gareth and I will be learning how to take on a whole new challenge as we support our little girl to grow and stand strong too. At this stage, our plan is to spend the first three months together, before I start to dip my toes back into Curative and Gareth continues on as primary caregiver for her first year.

Life is going to look very different for both of us, and we’re looking forward to redesigning what that means to us; to trying new things, to getting it wrong before getting it right, to changing our plans as we go, and most of all to doing it all together.

Of course this means that life at Curative will look a bit different too. There will be more change as we keep navigating new life stages.

And no doubt it will be perfectly messy and entirely wonderful.

Eddy xx

My last day at Curative is Friday 23 March, and I'm due to have an Easter baby. If you need anything while I'm away please email or call 09 360 8054 and one of the team will be able to help. 

Eddy Royal