Take a deep breath… it’s Christmas!


At this time every year, I inhale deeply, (in through the nose, out through the mouth), as I reflect on what has been a busy year, full of learning, challenges, growth, success and all sorts of good times.

This year, I find myself smiling as I think about all of the beautiful moments of joy that I’ve experienced becoming a mum. I’m so grateful for my little girl Luka, for my patient husband Gareth and for all of the generosity from family and friends as I’ve been supported into this new role of ‘working mum’. Curative has been a wonderful place to be; with a clever team of kind and creative humans, and projects that have real purpose.

But, I also find myself extra mindful of the pressures we put on ourselves and others to work hard, to live full lives, and to look after family and friends. As I look around I can see many people reaching the end of the year feeling completely exhausted. There’s nothing left in the tank, and everyone seems to be really holding out for the holidays this year. We all take on so much. However, there is only so much time in the day and so much energy that we can give.

So, this year as I inhale deeply to reflect, I’m thinking less about all of the great things that have happened this year, and more about how I’d like myself, the team at Curative, and hopefully everyone else to be feeling at this time next year.

My hope is that we can prioritise wellbeing; say yes to the things that nourish us, and a few more ‘no’s’ to the things that don’t. I hope that we don’t spend nights awake worrying about things that we can’t fix, and days working on the things that we can. That we make progress and effect change in ways that we can sustain.

My hope is that the tyranny of busy-ness ends it’s reign and we value time, space, love and laughter even more.

My hope is that we can meet each of the challenges we face in our work and in our lives with humility and creativity. That we find meaning and purpose without causing ourselves and our communities unintended harm.

As we all take this time to get away, to be with loved ones, to spend days in the sun, and to relax, I hope that it is a truly nourishing time, and that we can hold onto the holiday feeling as we move into 2019.

My hopes will be my own personal intentions for next year. Let’s see what comes!

But for now, wishing everyone a safe, spacious, restful, and replenishing holiday. I know you all deserve it.


Eddy Royal