The Curio Ed.18 | Defining and Redefining Culture

Culture is usually defined as the ways of doing and ways of being of a particular group of people or society. There's culture you curate and define, based on a shared vision and intent. There's culture that's been around for a long time, that deserve care and respect. And then, there's the wider societal culture perpetually being redefined, based on people's evolution in values. Once people clarify and voice out what no longer works for them or what could be better, the beginnings of a cultural shift usually takes place.

These are the spheres of culture that we usually engage with and have been thinking about here at Curative. How workplace culture matters; how understanding and respecting cultures matter; how listening to people who want to shift culture, matters. Culture has the power to shape its people, and at the same time, people are the force that shape culture. 

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