The Curio Ed. 17 | Mindfully navigating change

The work we do with communities and the challenges we tackle everyday require a broad view, sensitivity, a sense of connection to each and everyone we work with and clarity. Recognising this, and through our collaborations with Leadership NZ, we've come to see tremendous value in mindfulness. And we're not alone. Visionary companies such as Google, Facebook, Harvard Business School and Kiwibank have incorporated mindfulness practices as well, to tremendous results.

And it's no wonder we're experiencing a surge of interest in mindfulness across our society, given how modern life has given us an overabundance of stimuli, information and distraction, but have, as a result, starved us of serenity, clarity and focus. 

The mind and the heart do most of the work as we face the challenges of making change. As such, we're learning that it's important to create space from time to time, to keep expanding their capacities.

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