The Curio Ed. 16 | Finding our Voice for a Better World


It's been a very interesting past few weeks around the world and here in Aotearoa. Recent events compelling the #BlackLivesMatter community in the US to exclaim what's no longer acceptable, to clamour for an overhaul of a reality they've quietly accepted till now. Families in Aotearoa bellowing the injustices of an absurd housing situation. Disenfranchised communities on all sides of the #Brexit conversation making their stories known. Communities rising up to tell their side of the story; to share their vision of what needs to change, so we can all be better.

It's a very interesting time to be alive right now – diverse voices who have experienced several lifetimes of oppression are finally getting their stories out, telling their version of what a better world means for them, and for everyone.

As we continue to collaborate with incredible communities, organisations and individuals, and as we feel the pulse of our world with its different constituents emerging from silence, we are perpetually reminded that it is through people's stories of what's unwanted, what hasn't worked or what no longer works that the first seeds of a new, better way of doing things can emerge.

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