How do you know if you’re making the world a little bit better?

How do you know if you’re making the world a little bit better? 


In November this year, we’re winging our way to USA for the CreativeMornings summit in Austin, Texas. We’re counting the sleeps until we can meet and exchange ideas and stories about building creative communities with the 130+ chapter hosts that will be there from all over the world. 

While we’re in the States, we’re also keen to connect with as many creative do-gooders as we can. Those who use their creative talents to help make the world a little bit better.  

Down here in New Zealand, the Curative family have been focused on creating positive social impact using our tools of creativity, connection and collaboration for a few years now. And we’ve learnt plenty along the way. 

Last year, Jade wrote a lil 3-part series:Design for Social Good:
What is it? Why is it important? How do you get involved?” 

It’s a topic that’s always been close to our heart, one that we’re intensely curious about. And one that we want to keep learning about, and strengthening our own practice of. 

We also want to better understand the impact of design for social good. And we wonder if anybody else shares our wonderings. 

“How do you know if you’re making the world a little bit better?”
“How have you measured your social impact thus far?” 
“Have you measured it at all?”
“How might we all design campaigns and creative solutions that create positive social change?”
“How do you hope your work may influence the future, for a better world?”

There are a number of incredible creative agencies carving the path of this new way of doing business, both for good and for profit around the world. 

If this is you, then we’d love to meet you. 

We know that to create real and lasting change we need to use the power of community. So, we endeavour to connect, collaborate, create with and learn from as many of you as we can. 

New Zealand may seem small, and distant from most. But we’re a strong little country, with a big appetite for social innovation and social justice. And, while there aren’t many creative agencies that solely focus on social good projects within New Zealand, there is a growing community of creatives who are building social impact into the way they design. 

Our awesome community have helped us to capture and curate a list of Social Design Agencies - we’d love to meet as many people on this list as we can while we’re in the US and Canada later this year. 

We hope that by connecting, we can share what we’ve learnt, and learn a little more ourselves so that we can continue to strengthen the social design landscape together. 

If you’d like to meet us while we’re there, or if you know someone we should take out for a coffee please:

Thanks in advance...
Nga mihi nui,
Jade & Eddy


Travel Locations/Dates: 

  • San Francisco: 30 Oct - 01 Nov
  • Austin: 01 Nov - 05 Nov
  • New York: 05 Nov - 09 Nov
  • Vancouver: 09 Nov - 18 Nov

We’ll also be travelling from LA - San Francisco, and will be happy to make other trips if you’re near enough to these spots. 

If you’d like to hear what we learn along the way, be sure to sign-up to The Curio » 

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