My first month

When offered the opportunity to work with Curative, It was put in such a way that there simply was no going back… I was told: “you can come home now”.

Since meeting this new family I have literally pounced out of bed, eager to engage in the wonderfully meaningful conversations I’ll be part of that day.

I can’t believe it’s been a month already and wonder how I’ll put my experience into words. I'll start here: to be GLAD is to reflect on what you’re Grateful for, what you’ve Learnt, what you’ve Achieved and what you feel Delighted by. This exercise is something we do here at Curative to keep ourselves in check and recall all the amazing things we’ve been privileged to be part of.

I am grateful to be surrounded and humbled by people of influence, courage, strength and talent and that these people value my input, no matter how small.

There have been plenty of learnings, and a few moments that compelled me to reflect on the power of positive collaboration. Witnessing the Em project come to life allowed me to see first hand just how much Curative projects become a part of the team's lives. This is not a job, this is a calling to make a positive impact and hopefully change the narrative of complex social issues. I’ve learnt to trust my gut, to dive right in. And while I’ve always thought it natural to value the views of those you are designing or creating for, seeing the beautiful co-design process Curative has developed, put into action, has given me a whole new level of respect for the practice of ‘collaboration’.

An achievement or two might include contributing to CreativeMornings from the other side of the coffee pot, co-facilitating some insightful co-design workshops, helping a group of young women feel empowered to share their stories, remembering acronyms (there are plenty), balancing five cups of tea in my hands and keeping up with the pack (there’s a lot going on around here).

I am delighted by the courage of my teammates to speak out and take chances and have witnessed the sincere gratitude towards the work that Curative enables people to achieve.

I am also delighted by cups of tea and the smiles behind them.

As for the next month? Bring it on!

Anna xx

Anna Star