The Curio Ed. 13 | What's the real impact?

When you’re in the business of creating social good it’s important to understand the true impact of the work that you do.

Measuring the impact our work has on the communities we work with isn’t as easy as measuring units of product sold, or how many likes we’ve gained on Facebook. It’s about recognising the changes in attitudes and behaviours. It’s about seeing people’s personal stories of change.

Often our impact isn’t immediately visible, and the positive change that we’ve been part of instigating can only be seen over time. We also recognise that the creative experiences and communication that we produce is only ever one piece of the puzzle, and that many interventions and actions are required for real and lasting change.

So, with all of these considerations, how do we know if we’re really creating positive impact? That’s the question we’re always exploring here at Curative. And we challenge you to do the same in your work.

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