The Curio Ed. 12 | The Audacity of Authenticity

From Beyonce’s “Formation”, to the controversial Oscar’s this year, we’re seeing how much trouble someone’s big, audacious, authenticity stirs in society.  If you unapologetically stand for who you truly are, you most definitely risk ridicule – even attack, from a lot of people.
Authenticity, in a society full of expectations and preconceptions, is, in a word, scary. For what could be more terrifying than baring your most authentic self to the world, only to be verbally butchered, laughed at or worse, ignored.
And yet, audacious authenticity is vital, to make real change. When we let communities continue to be misrepresented, when we bend over backwards to fit society’s expectations of us, when we stay resigned to how things are instead of questioning things, we’re being silent proponents of the status quo. We’re not being real agents of change.
Authenticity is definitely not so much a quality as it is a daily practice. And, it’s a privilege, for what point in history have we ever had this much freedom to be our most authentic selves?

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