Wondrous #Webstock

It had been a while since I last made it to Webstock… Last time was back in 2010, when it was held back in the Wellington Town Hall and they hosted the Onya's (Webstock/Tech awards) – Remember them?

However, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to a number of digital/creative conferences nationally & internationally (e.g NetHui, Wordcamp, Gather, Semi-Permanent, a list apart, etc) but none of them have ever quite compared to the wondrous Webstock back in 2010, and 6 years later... it still hasn't ceased to amaze.

So given that it was the 10th anniversary of Webstock, I thought It was only fitting to share/summarise my top 10 lil learnings/quotes from the event (and capture as many twitter handles & hashtags along the way ;))

Slack HQ's awesome manifesto... Well, part of it.

Slack HQ's awesome manifesto... Well, part of it.

I’ve learnt that:

1) Tash, Mike & co put on a damn good show!
"You want what you create to be well known, not you"
- @maupuia #webstock

2) @Dooce’s frank & honest talk about exploit my children for millions and millions of dollars on my mommyblog and that "Authenticity, is now a commodity" 

3) Slack HQ's awesome manifesto (as presented by @AnnaPickard) has inspired many around the world to be truly human and use emojis, lots of them! And inspired me personally to create a mini manifesto for us at Curative...  We'll keep you posted on any developments ;)

4) @CindyGallop is an incredible powerhouse sex goddess creative (& social) entrepreneur, who had a plethora quotes, sexual innuendos, key takeaways & frankly didn't give a shit what anybody else thought...

5) "Internet & Social Media has become the new graffiti"
- @Askewone

6) "We can explore infinitely... But only if we embrace design"
- @Hillenius Design Lead at NASA

7) "We ultimately know what change in our society looks like"
- Poignant presso @iotwatch #tech #civics #socialchange

8) We need to continue to ask ourselves:
“How might we close the digital divide in developing nations/markets?”
- @beep #Webstock #FoodForThought #NewNormal

9) I still have the art of taking dorky selfies with speakers & new/old friends... And can be rather convincing when @rands is down to his final pen to giveaway!


10) The webstock community; speakers, special agents & attendees are absolutely incredible... A very warm, welcoming, open, honest & friendly community of like-minded early adopters that use the powers of the internet, for good.

BONUS LESSON: You can fit a whole lotta Webstock people in a lift during an impromptu @MuseumHack tour around Te Papa.

There’s obviously a multitude of many other lessons learnt throughout my recent Webstock, some of which are documented via the trusty iPhone (as seen above) however, many more of which were well documented via the old trusty Pen/Paper - I know, right?!

Once again, a million thanks to the organisers, and if you ever get an opportunity to go to Webstock… I can’t recommend it enough! Even if your playground may not be the internet, and/or you don’t consider yourself a digital native. There’s a multitude of life lessons, and inspiration you can garner from each of the speakers, and if all else fails, the community is awesome, the food is good, the coffee is great and they definitely know how to party!

One of many Webstock fans...
Jade Tang-Taylor :)xo


The videos of the Webstock talks will become available sometime later this year, but in the meantime you can browse past talks here » http://www.webstock.org.nz/talks/