Changemaking Magic

On Friday night we celebrated our fourth birthday surrounded by an eclectic mixture of some of our favourite changemakers dressed in the garb of their favourite changemakers. It was pretty meta.

With everyone dressed as the heroes of the past, present and mythology, it got us thinking about what makes a changemaker.

All of the characters at our party had big personalities. They knew who they were. They were unique. They were distinct. They stood for something. They were prepared to do battle for their beliefs. They had passion and vision. And they made their voices heard. (And that was before they put their costumes on).

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Seriously though - there is a confidence that’s needed to be a changemaker. You can’t always be liked. You’re often a challenger. And you need to be okay with being uncomfortable.

At a place like Curative where hope, play, fun and energy underpin everything that we do, being okay with being uncomfortable is… well, it’s uncomfortable.

But, we’re recognising the power of discomfort as a real conduit for change. It’s in the space in between, where things are a bit grey, where there are more questions than answers, that the magic really happens.

So here’s to a year of magic. To working through the discomfort to continue to make real and lasting positive differences with the amazing changemakers that we’re so lucky to have in our lives.

Thanks for all of your continued support. You’re all awesome.

Eddy Royal

Have a look at some of the other photos from the night! Check out our Facebook album for more.





Eddy Royal