JFMB (Jo's first month blog)

Hi, Hello! I’m the newest newbie on the block here at Curative.

I was lucky to join this bunch of beautiful souls at the end of November last year - which meant my first month was full of fun and festive joy, as well as the madness that is involved with completing project stages before heading off on holiday.

It has really been a whirlwind introduction to what is an amazing creative agency that isn’t like AOB (any other business) I have worked in and by the first EOM (end of month) I was feeling inspired and energised with what is lying ahead for us. Some of the highlights included getting to experience CreativeMornings (birthday edition), co-design workshops on two exciting projects, being involved in the design stages of a new brand design, Christmas tree purchasing, the annual Curative Planning Day in Waiheke, a studio Christmas lunch with the innovate change family and I popped my EDM (electronic direct mail) cherry too!

Apologies, I’m just flexing my acronym muscles during this post; FYI this studio is acronym city, so much so I’ve been provided with a little ‘in house’ glossary. I’ll give it a rest.

I’ve thought a bit about how to write this review of my first month here at Curative and I can think of nothing more appropriate than to use a little self-reflection exercise that is part of the Curative toolkit. It’s called GLAD (are you surprised it’s another acronym?), which stands for reflecting on what you’re Grateful for, what you've Learnt, what you’ve Achieved and what you have been Delighted by.

Starting with what I’ve been most Grateful for?

I’ve felt a part of the family, even before officially starting here they invited me to an afterwork Wild West game and CreativeMornings. Curative have made me feel included and valued my opinion from the get go.

I think it’s a reflection of how much they enjoy collaborating with people and their openness to new ideas and opinions to help solve problems, or even just to widen their own perspective. This ethos is in everything they do and you’ll see it through how Curative approaches new briefs and work through the co-design process with clients too. I’m really grateful that as the newest member I’ve felt 100% a part of the family from day one which has made it amazing and easy to feel like I belong here.

What have I Learnt?

SO MUCH. I don’t even know where to start. Both in my job, but also on a personal level I’ve already learnt so much from being here at Curative...

  • In my first month I learnt a lot about the co-design process that Curative is so dedicated to and which Jess has written about in her feature in the most recent issue of the Curio.

  • I’ve learnt about embracing my creativity and having fun with it to help produce great ideas. This is from working closely with the team on a number of projects and from reading a great book recommended to me by some of the crew, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, which has changed the way I think about creativity.

  • My biggest learning? Trust your gut, sounds cliche but working on a handful of projects to begin with has taught me the value of my gut instinct and it’s something that they value here too.

  • And lots of acronyms.


What have I Achieved in my first month?

I’ve been working on some really exciting projects with ACC, HELP, RPE, writing proposals for potential new clients and co-ordinating the evaluation process of Common Ground.

One achievement that stands out in my mind is running a workshop activity with Megs at the Curative Planning Day, I was glad to be able to introduce a framework and way for us to think about where we want Curative to go as a brand. The future for Curative is so bright and exciting that being able to really help us all solidify what that looks like for our brand made me so proud!

Also I think managing to complete the gruelling quiz about Curative at the Planning Day was a bit of an achievement, especially as they threatened to send me away immediately if I didn’t pass!!


What has Delighted me?

If you can’t already tell, I’m pretty delighted by everything to do with being a part of the Curative family. I’m super delighted by the fact that I get to work on projects which are creating social change. Everyday I know what we do here is for the greater good and means we can all be changemakers in our own right - how could I not be delighted by it all?

So, that’s my first  month all bundled into a G.L.A.D.  I’ll be sure to KIT (keep in touch), but for now I hope this gives you some insight into what has been a spectacular first month at Curative.

Jo Mitchell

Jo Mitchell