A new job for Candice!

My fake first day:
It stared at Dinner with a Difference; an event for Leadership NZ dreamed up by Curative. It was an amazing, unexpected night where I wrote lyrics to a song with a bunch of strangers and performed this song to a room of 200. I didn’t actually work for Curative that night, but I told all the lovely no-longer-strangers that I did. I was so proud of the event Curative had helped put on, that I just claimed it! That made it feel like my first day.

My real first day:
Five days later was the real deal. It was full of great relationship building with team mates, getting a run down of clients and the work that Curative is able to support them in doing, and championing other team mates by showcasing some completed projects (a bi-monthly thing the team does to keep each other in the loop). It set a great precedence of what was to come.

One month in, and there is that opposing feeling we all get from time to time, that on one hand, everything feels so new and that there is still so much to learn, and on the other hand that you have been there for ages and everything just works.

I am still learning the full extent of who Curative work with, and the different social arenas our clients and work spread out to. I love the idea that the work I do here at Curative flows on to the work our clients are doing for their communities, which is a much wider audience than we could reach on our own.

1. Pantone Party! 2. Curative Quiz — testing my Curative knowledge... and if I get to stay. 3. Team train rides (environmentally friendly transport for the win).

1. Pantone Party! 2. Curative Quiz — testing my Curative knowledge... and if I get to stay. 3. Team train rides (environmentally friendly transport for the win).

I absolutely love list making, so here are some of the biggest things I have learned or have greatly appreciated in my time being here, in no particular order:

  • It’s always important to make time and space for fun, quiet, and most importantly, people
    There will always be lots of work to do, but that doesn’t get in the way of other things being important. I see Curative living that.
  • Curative has a more expansive creative skill set than I first realised
    We can do anything! I am so impressed seeing the work they have done over the month. Check out this video and this design work!
  • Our clients and surrounding community are amazing
    The projects we work on are full of great ideas; it’s a pleasure to help promote these projects. The social and design community are really inspiring too, including the Creative Mornings cohort.
  • A bi-cultural NZ can be part of a workplace life and values
    I have loved the social and cultural awareness that is weaved into every day life at Curative. It is a given in some respects, due to the client base and content that we deal with here, though I see its out-workings in little ways across different projects. In these past few weeks Curative has had Be Accessible come in to the office to give us some pointers, and we got the opportunity attended a lovely Mihi Whakatau and blessing as a team. It has made me very happy to be amongst all of this and to start learning more in this space.
  • Design focused
    The work is beautiful, and things are colour organised. Bliss!
  • Client focused
    Eddy and Jade are so great at delivering work that is in the best interest of the client and their audience. Not just doing what the client has initially asked for, as sometimes the best solution is not what was first expected and requires a lot more exploration. This is harder to achieve, but the value is so much more.
    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ladies.

It has been a really great first month. Amongst preparing two websites, and working with about 10 clients, there has been time for championing each others work, tasty treats, meditation, a dress up party and establishing morning coffee routines. I’m looking forward to more learnings and involvement with more of Curative's client base!


Candice Hindriksen