My first month at Curative


My first month at Curative.

“You did it!”
This is what I have been saying to myself every morning for the past few weeks, as I ride my little red scooter to the Curative studio.

Scoring your dream job is an incredible feeling, and I fully expect the novelty of being in a place where you really want to be, will not wear off.

Over the past few weeks, the immense privilege of being part of the Curative team has grown as I get to know my work colleagues more and more.

So, to sum up an epic first month at Curative here is a list of things that I love about my new job!

  • I have never been offered so much tea in my life.
    While that may seem like a trivial highlight, it speaks volumes about the work culture and the quality of people that Curative is made up of.
  • I have never had so many wonderful, meaningful and intelligent conversations in a work place.
    Working with people who are passionate about learning, communicating and creating is wonderful!
  • I have met so many new people!
    There’s always a new friendly face popping into the studio.
  • Being thanked at the end of the day for doing your job.
    Almost everyday, I have left the office with a ‘Thank-you’ for just simply doing my job.
    It surprised me! 

  • Being fully invested into each project.
    Every brief I have received for a new project has been delivered with passion. Every project means the world to us.
  • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
    Someone is always cracking jokes!

My four weeks have consisted of some incredible projects, the farewell of the amazing Aria, an induction quiz (which I scored an A-), Karaoke, Creative Mornings, Moustache cookies, party planning, dress ups and finally, tea and more tea!

Bring on the next few months!


Jess Holdaway