Hello & Goodbye (for now)

Strangely I now find myself writing both my first and last blog post at the same time. Usually one to shy away from writing, but instead provide all of the images, I am now at the point where I can’t just take the pictures but actually need to try to express the love I share for Curative.

So here goes, a reflection of 10 things I’ve loved & learned during my colourful time with the Curative Family:

  1. Be kind and interested in others
    - having learnt this from Eddy & Jade, I can vouch for the immense pleasure it gives back

  2. Ask all the annoying questions you're too afraid to ask 
    -  you’ll be wiser for it eventually

  3. Learn new scary technology
    - it’s here to be your friend and nerd out on, honest!

  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously 
    - I've learnt to embrace the slack I get for being too mature for my own good

  5. Drink tea by the bucket load, and make lots for others too 
    - you will be thanked endlessly, win-win for all!

  6. Enter each project with an open heart 
    - you’ll learn a lot from walking in the shoes of others

  7. Always put your hand up when you're struggling
    - people love to help, and getting outside of your own creative bubble is highly recommended

  8. Craft your ideas off the screen 
    - putting pen to paper can be very liberating and keeps your focus in check

  9. Say yes, even if it scares you half to death 
    - every yes undoubtedly leads you to another opportunity

  10. Above all else make friends with your colleagues 
    -  it’ll make Mondays a lot more exciting

Since starting this job at Curative my life has been turned completely on its head, making it all the more richer and beautiful. Through the kindness Curative has taught me I now have the empathy to see and appreciate the world around me very differently. And with that I will go into this next adventure with a spring in my step and a curiosity to see how others make this world a better place, and where I may fit in next.

And to be clear, I’ve been told that I need to finally admit this is my last day at Curative.... well just for now.

Lots of love,

p.s. If you want to follow me on my journey feel free to connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn


Aria Taylor