Memoirs of an Intern

As my time as intern at Curative comes to an end, I have time to reflect on my experiences. For me Curative is the pinnacle of studios to work at. Its a place where great design and making life a little better for people come together; a great combination.

I have had the opportunity to let my creativity loose upon the studio, crafting giant scrabble pieces, crafting mocktails for fabulously summery photo shoots and carving in stone the ‘Curative rules to live and die by’.

The highlight was the Bibliobash at which people donned all sorts of literary themed costumes and partied the night away. A word of warning to anyone who wants to dress as Where’s Wally for their own dress up shenanigans - people do get upset if you don’t make an effort to hide yourself, so you spend the night in odd nooks or standing amongst other stripe clad people in an attempt to disguise yourself.

The projects that have come through, some of which I was even able to help out with, tackle some big challenges and really do help effect change within a range of communities. The people that come through, with amazing passion for what they do, are just the thing that make you want to jump out of bed every morning, despite my habit of perpetually running late for the train.

Thank you to the Curative team for the opportunity to live the dream over the summer. What I will take away with me from my time here is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, more consideration for how people will use my design in the world and the habit of listing my top three priorities in my kitchen every morning.

Peace Out
Sarah Husband

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