2015 | Reflecting on a year of change

As another year draws to an end, we made some time to take the team to Waiheke to reflect on the year that’s just been, and to start dreaming about the year ahead.  

And to be honest, as I think back on the year that we’ve just had, I’m a bit overwhelmed. In a good way. But overwhelmed none the less.

Both professionally and personally this has been a big year of change for Curative. If we do the year by numbers we’ve had:

  • 1 wedding in Fiji

  • 2 significant staff birthdays, with appropriately large celebrations

  • 4 staff farewells

  • 3 new staff inductions

  • 3 inspiring advisory board members

  • 14 significant events (including a dinner for 200+ people and CreativeMornings every month)

  • 2 birthday celebrations - (1 for Curative, 1 for CreativeMornings)

  • 1 major project launch at Parliament

  • 1 award for our work on Steer Clear

  • and we produced a lot of design, video, brands and experiences to help create positive social change

Looking at this list makes me feel exhausted. But it also makes my heart so happy as I think about all the fun we’ve had, the challenges we’ve overcome, the people we’ve welcomed and the magic that we’ve created together.  

When you’re in the business of creating change no two days are the same; and the only thing that really is constant is change itself.

When there are changes within a team it can be unsettling, and it’s not uncommon to see some disturbance to the quality of work. But, it’s been an absolute credit to the whole Curative family that every transition has been seamless. The care and attention that everyone took to hand over their projects and processes, that new team members were so warmly welcomed, and that everyone has been so passionate about learning and taking on new challenges, has meant that our work has only got stronger this year.

We won our first awards for our work this year, nabbing a Finalist nomination at the Best Awards, and winning the Ko Awatea International Excellence in Health Improvement Awards Citizens at the Centre of Service Re-Design and Delivery for our work on Steer Clear.

Our work has also hit the media with our norm challenging project Inside Out in the news, and the release of Episode 3 of Common Ground getting some great media coverage too.

Whether or not it wins awards, or makes the news, we’re proud of every piece of work that we do. We’re constantly striving to make work that is not only beautiful but truly resonates with the audience it’s intended for and ultimately helps to change attitudes and behaviours in positive ways.

And, it’s the stories that we hear that help us to understand the real impact of the work we do.

It’s the mum who was struggling with her teen until she found Common Ground; it’s the 3rd year student who overcame their anxiety and made new friends after reflecting on our Victoria University posters; and it’s the class of boys who stopped, listened and had positive conversations about sex, gender and sexuality after watching Inside Out.

It’s every little story of change that makes us passionate about the work that we do.

So as we reach the end of the year, we’re not surprised to be feeling a bit exhausted. We’re ready for a break, to recharge the batteries, and inspire our creative energies. But we also can’t wait to make more change in the New Year, to hear more stories and to find more fun ways to tell them.

Eddy Royal