CreativeMornings/AKL 4th Birthday

When Kaan told me that CreativeMornings/AKL’s 4th birthday was about to happen, that we were doing an evening party + exhibition for it, and that I could paint one of the pieces for the exhibit, it was a triple whammy treat to hear. We did a quiet high five, nae-naed, then got to work.

Fast forward to the evening of Thursday 22 October, when we celebrated CreativeMornings/AKL's 4th birthday at Lot 23. Tying in with the global theme for October, SHOCK, our usual CreativeMornings was turned on its shocking head, with an evening party instead of the usual breakfast lecture, as well as more surprising treats throughout the evening.

Along with our guest speaker, there was live music, tasty edibles thanks to our wonderful partners and a wicked exhibit inspired by wise words from our past speakers. That last bit I felt especially privileged to contribute to, alongside other amazing local artists, designers and illustrators. Scrolling through the wicked quotes and deciding on one was tricky, but in the end I pinned down Dylan Horrocks’ richly visual quote, before the other illustrators got to it. I love how his words alluded to the vast, infinite landscapes of the mind, and since my paintings very much explore that too, I felt it was the perfect creative mash-up.

Which got me thinking about that always mysterious, often magical equation of one person’s idea + another person’s idea = ?!!! . When more minds get together to create and collaborate, the results are ALWAYS surprising, ALWAYS unexpected, and to me, feels closest to what magic is. To do this is to give up your default ways of doing things and sense of control. You’ve got to have a great deal of trust, to throw something out there and allow another being to throw something at it, and let it land smack on the ground, to produce something neither of you expect.

Throughout the evening, I reveled in the different, delightful and surprising results born out of people’s creative collaborations. There were the yummy treats from our partners: G&T’s, as in, Gin and TEAs from Forage + Bloom and Rogue Society Gin, ice cold sweetened coffee from Coffee Supreme, The Midnight Baker’s wheat, dairy, egg & refined-sugar free toasts topped with insanely good remixes on old toast topping favourites (pecan + avocado + cacao mousse on chocolate peanut butter goldie -- say WHAT), as well our old fave Antipodes. There was Kate Hursthouse’s beautiful calligraphic solo exhibit in one room and our Creative Mornings one in the other. There was the #CMAkl crew’s ability to think on their feet and work together to make the event run swimmingly.

Then, there was Matt Crawley’s talk. Best known for those famous 95bFM ads, he donned multiple hats throughout his life. He toured overseas bands here in New Zealand. He worked on a Christian channel. He spurned Golden Dawn, then burned a few punters (inadvertently) with a social media post that got way out of hand and taken way out of context. Such is the sometimes challenging but always riveting creative life. I thought he perfectly embodied that idea of letting the often surprising results of collaboration take you to the most unexpected places. As he has chosen to engage with this every moment, his life’s volume is turned up high.

He then wrapped up the evening by getting the crowd to boogie with his garage soul surf band The Conjurers.

Four years on, we’ve seen how incredibly valuable it is to stay engaged with the creative community through CreativeMornings. Curative lives and breathes within the social change space, but the connections we’ve made and continue to make with past speakers and the CreativeMornings community has been infinitely valuable. Staying connected in a community like CreativeMornings helps us to stay curious, playful, open to surprises, and open to collaboration.

By the way, all our prints exhibited are available for purchase at Endemic World. By buying our prints you’ll be supporting CreativeMornings/AKL, helping us to continue providing you with breakfast and inspiration. Plus you’ll get a rad piece of art for your wall!


Meghan Jackson