Eddy Dever, Signing Off

As some of you may have already heard, this is my last week at Curative. Maybe you haven’t heard that… but it’s true. It’s exciting. It’s a bit scary. It’s a bit sad. 

I won’t fill this post with too much in the way of heartfelt goodbyes – the decision to leave Curative was a really tough one. The people I’ve worked and interacted with have taught me so much and been such good friends to me, it would be easy to get carried away with thanking everyone. 

What I do want to do with this post is to put to words some of the things that I got out of my time at Curative. I’ve had the privilege of working with some really talented people the last couple of years who have taught me some really cool stuff. Also I feel like I’ve ended up in enough unique situations – the type of situations that only a small creative agency can put you in – which pretty much always lead to learning something new.

I guess this is the end of sometimes accidentally dressing like other Curative team members (mainly Kaan)

I guess this is the end of sometimes accidentally dressing like other Curative team members (mainly Kaan)

I’m a big fan of lists of 3. So here are my top 3 things I’ve learnt: 

1.    Never lose sight of the audience. Changing (or reinforcing) the way people think about something is the goal, everything else is secondary. No matter how much you love an idea, if the audience isn’t going to love it, or isn’t going to understand it, then it’s no good. The audience is your horizon – keep your eyes on it. 

2.    You change minds by changing hearts. I’ve always been a lover of fantastic storytelling, but the last two years have taught me WHY stories are so important: they make people feel things. You can rattle facts off at people all day, but if they don’t FEEL compelled to change their behaviour, then they won’t.

3.    Work with great people. So many of the projects I’ve worked on here would have gone really badly without just the right mix of people working on them. The right people will challenge you when you need to be challenged, they’ll support you when you’ve got the right idea, they’ll nut things out with you when the answers are illusive, and they’ll give you space when you’re on a roll. The power of a good team is the most invaluable resource in the world. 

…so that was my top 3 things. They’re the big ones. 


But I reckon there are a few other things I’ve picked up that are worth special mention: 

1.    Ice cream breaks are really really important, especially if you’re working on something difficult 

2.    Nothing saves a tough day like good music

3.    “Assumption is the mother of all f***-ups”

4.    That logo probably doesn’t need to be bigger

5.    Don’t spend too much money on stuff
~but also~
6.    Don’t try to do things too cheaply

7.    You can’t do as many 10-hour days as you think

8.    If you stop laughing, you’re probably doing it wrong

9.    Turn autosave on

10.    And…ummm… be really careful with your keys when you’re in a public toilet


I guess that’s it. The entirety of my knowledge about Curative on one page. I guess that’s what they call a legacy. Weighty.

If you’d like to keep in touch or see what I’m up to, you can follow me on twitter at @EddyDever, or you can add me on LinkedIn.

Hey, look after yourself! See you around! 

Signing off, 
Eddy #2

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