INTERVIEW | Jade and Eddy of Curative

Our co-founders, Jade and Eddy were interview by  One Percent Collective ; a not-for-profit Kiwi charity that makes it easy for people to give 1% of their income to the six charities we support - Here's their Generosity Talk.

Our co-founders, Jade and Eddy were interview by One Percent Collective; a not-for-profit Kiwi charity that makes it easy for people to give 1% of their income to the six charities we support - Here's their Generosity Talk.

Eddy Helm and Jade Tang are best friends, badass changemakers and co-founders of Curative, a social business enabling community communication. It is impossible to meet either of these women and not come away zinging with inspiration and a sense of inclusivity. Both have an innate passion for connecting communities, sharing knowledge and empowering social change and they do this through the phenomenal work they produce and the spaces they create for cross-pollination and collaboration. Their dedication to growing and enabling the community sector allows them to do what they love, and love what they do every single day.


What’s happening in the world of Curative at present?

It's been a big year for Curative, so we're all getting ready to take a couple of weeks off, and enjoy some rest and relaxation. We all need this holiday break so that we can recharge for another year of working with amazing people on incredible causes in 2014. We're pretty excited about some of the projects in the pipeline, and we expect next year to be a world changing one; working on issues from reducing harmful sexual behaviour to decreasing drug related driving harm and helping to change bullying culture in schools, it's going to be a big year! So, while we're away, we'll be dreaming up ways to keep ourselves energised and inspired so that we have a lot of fun while we're doing it. We always say; Do what you love, love what you do – and it's important to stop and take stock at this time of year, so that we can live that mantra each day. 


Describe the most generous person you know and how they have influenced you. 

EH: We are incredibly lucky to work with some of the most generous people there are; who all give a lot of themselves to the causes that they believe in, so this is a pretty tough question for us. I guess, other than Jade (who is the best and most generous friend & business partner a girl could ask for), I'd have to say my grandmother Erica. She's always been involved with causes and even today volunteers a lot of her time to help her community. She's very strong-willed, she's passionate, and she really cares about the causes she's involved with. She's gracious and kind, (and always immaculately dressed, I don't think I've ever seen her without her lippy on!). I hope to be a little bit like her in all that I do; although I'm not sure I'll ever be as stylish! 

JT: Yeah, I agree, other than Eddy (who is also pretty awesome), it's my family’s generosity that has influenced me and the decisions that I've made the most. My mum and dad moved across the world to give my sister and I the opportunities that we've had; it doesn't get much more generous than that. I'm sure that they hoped I'd become a lawyer or a doctor, but now Dad just says; 'as long as you're making money', and Mum says; 'as long as you're happy'. So I guess I take a bit of both of their wishes for me, and do a bit of both; make money and be happy.


Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

We both agree that the most underrated action is to have a cup of tea with someone. A good cup of tea helps the conversations flow and creates a space where stories, hopes and dreams can be shared. Also, we've just learned that the more tea you drink, the happier and more productive you are (or something like that). We make time each Friday to meet new people over a cup of tea; it's so nice to create the time to really get to know someone, without a set agenda. 


Tell us three things that inspire you and why.

EH & JT: Our team. The Curative crew is made up of amazing, clever and creative people, but the inspiring bit is that when we combine our super-powers it's easy to believe that anything is possible. (We make ourselves a bit sick when we say stuff like this, but it's true!).

EH: Simon Sinek. I don't tweet much, but someone I constantly find myself re-tweeting is Simon Sinek; he's full of wisdom and has an amazing lens on what great leadership looks like. I've been a big fan of his, ever since Guy Ryan introduced me to his TED Talk, How great leaders inspire action. I recommend it for everyone.  

JT: RSA Animate. There's nothing better than when you combine inspirational TED talks with amazing illustration. What can I say, I'm a designer so I'm visual.  

EH: CreativeMornings. Each month we host CreativeMornings, and it's always interesting to hear other creative people's stories and be inspired by what they're doing. 

JT: 99U. 99U is a productivity blog for creative people, and it helps remind me that it's not enough to just have a great idea; you need to be able to make your ideas happen.  

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