Hello new website

This week, Curative is pretty excited to share our brand new website. 

Some months ago we realised that we had grown up quite a bit since we’d built the original site, and we needed to find a better way to share our story and the great projects that we’ve been part of. 

Building a new website has also allowed us to evolve our brand and our language to better align with our growth too. 

After working in this space for more than two and a half years we’ve built even further on enabling community communication, and now we’re proud to say that we tell the stories of amazing changemakers and help get people behind causes. And we’ve done plenty to prove just how passionate we are about making the world a little bit better. 

We’re really proud of the extended Curative family, the organisations we partner with and the work that we create. Hopefully our new site gives you a better peek into life at Curative and all that we do. 

Curative Crew