The future looks bright

This time last week, the Curative crew were on our way to the opening of Festival for the Future

As long standing supporters of FFTF, we all knew that we were about to enter a whirlwind weekend of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm. And we couldn’t have been more right. 

The opening evening set the tone for the weekend ahead perfectly. Right from the first beat of the taiko drums, the space was filled with an optimism and excitement for what lay ahead. 

Throughout the weekend we were privileged to hear from a stellar line up of changemakers; all with words of wisdom, hope and encouragement for making the world a better place. For us, the theme that seemed to hold everything together was that everyone can make a difference, no matter your age, background or location. We can all have an idea, we can all make things happen, we can all join a team, and lead the way. 

Curative was really proud to feature on the programme too, having all had our arms twisted by Guy Ryan, the Festival founder and most humble hustler we know. 

Edward led the audience of 400 through the weekend in an MC’ing partnership with Alice Canton. The duo kept the energy up, and made sure everyone was informed of all of the opportunities available over the weekend. 


Kaan snapped shots all weekend to ensure that the event was captured in all it’s photographic splendour. 

Jade & Eddy took to the stage in the final session to share their ‘lil learnings for big thinkers’ and were overwhelmed with all of the support and twitter action from the crowd. 

And, Curative curated the ‘Creativity and Play’ workshop stream which featured some of our favourite creative people. We told stories with Eddy Dever and Thomas Sainsbury, got crafty with Rose Hope and got into some Serious Play with James Hurman. 

Being more involved with FFTF this year than we have been previously made us appreciate (even more) how much work Guy, Pippa, Julia, Jenna and the whole crew put in to bring it all together. 

It also reminded us that there are so many people working towards a better tomorrow, and we’re pleased to be among them. Together the future looks bright.