Anything is possible at Curative

As we think back on the year, it’s actually a little bit hard to imagine how we managed to cram so many awesome things, new experiences and life lessons into one single year. But somehow the amazing crew at Curative has smashed out another epic year.

It might sound like I’m overstating it… but seriously this has been one big year.

It all kicked off with a fairly major transformation to our office with the addition of two shiny new meeting rooms. This required more than a little team resilience with us spending two full weeks working out of what is now our neighbours kitchen.

Luckily the renovations were done JUST in time for us to set up for our crazy cardboard birthday bash. Perhaps it was our birthday party that set the tone for the year by proving the incredible creativity and ability of our network. When people come to your party as a transformer made of boxes (and one that really transformed), it’s easy to believe that anything is possible.


And so, with that in mind, off we went to do just that. Make anything possible.

Our projects this year have been hugely varied; some with big learning curves as we tried things that we hadn’t seen done before. Like making the Dope as Drive and some thought provoking gifs as part of Steer Clear, a programme to educate people on the dangers of driving high and change their behaviour. And creating Common Ground; which included everything from crafting a brand to building a website and producing a highly crafted web-series to help parents, families and friends have conversations about supporting young people.

We produced a number of events this year; from our global monthly breakfast lecture series CreativeMornings, to hosting another Feast to celebrate social innovation, and partnering with Leadership NZ to curate Dinner with a Difference.

And, we’ve crafted a number of brands with projects for Women’s Health Action, Leadership NZ, Common Ground - and some that are still yet to be revealed.

With such a breadth and depth of work, it’s been especially important to us that everything we do is consistent and what we call ‘Curative quality’. We always say that you’re only as good as your last project, so every project needs to be better than the last.

To maintain and improve the quality of our work, this has been the year of process for us. And it’s refining and codifying our process that has kept our work strong, and our team on the same page.

Our business coach also told us that it was time to practice what we preach; to make sure that we were presenting our own story as well as we present our clients. So a brand update and a brand new website made it’s way into the world.

And in amongst all of the doing, this has also been a year of personal experiences and growth.

While I’ve been on a very intentional journey with a year of personal development through the Leadership NZ programme, the rest of the team has all learnt and grown too.

Somehow Jade managed to fit the most beautiful #TangTurnsTaylor wedding day into our action packed year. As I put it at the time, “It was just like being in a real life Pinterest board”.  But more important than the beauty of the day, has been seeing Jade stop and reflect on what makes her happy, and really make time to look after her own energy levels. Look out for a special edition blog post from her next year with all the tips she’s gathered from the people we love about work/life wellbeing.


And Kaan jetted off around the world, and represented Curative at both CreativeMornings Global Summit and The Feast in New York. While he got to meet some of our design and social innovation heroes; his trip ultimately reminded us all that “by fearlessly mucking in, you may just be able to bring the world to your neighbourhood, and your neighbourhood to the world.”

It’s been one very, very special year. It’s been full of challenges and learning. It’s been packed with fun times and new things. And we’ve consistently smashed the boundaries of our imagination.

So, as the year comes to a close and we wrap up the last of our projects for 2014, I know that next year is going to be another great one. Because we’ll continue to be fuelled by our collective belief that anything is possible.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Eddy & the Curative Crew

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