Feast your eyes on this

Last Thursday, Auckland was home to an epic event – The Feast. For the third year in a row, the Curative and innovate change troupe was super proud to be able to put together the Auckland hub of the New York-based initiative, and… it was my first time to get involved. As the newest addition (of a little more than a week) to Curative and innovate change, I was super enthusiastic, excited and perhaps a teeny bit nervous about being part of production team for The Feast. But in good ole fashioned novice style, I jumped in boots and all. The whole purpose of The Feast is to bring a community of people together, who are committed to making positive social good in their various industries. There’s a challenge. There’s food. There’s wine. And, there’s much talk and many laughs.

This year, we set the challenge “how to create big change in large organisations”, and gathered together a room of 40-odd innovators, thinkers, changers and doers. We brainstormed around how we might be able to disarm the bureaucratic measures that often bar the road to change and development in big businesses. Some seriously inspiring, original and uplifting ideas were generated. We also whipped up some “progressive” poems and shared them aloud. It wasn’t all work though. Our spirited and charismatic host, Lisa Markwick, ensured that everyone remained upbeat. Plus, we were lucky enough to be housed at Lot23. Their awesome, accommodating and creative crew have the enviable ability to completely transform the space in to whatever needs. They also served up a delicious supply of victuals - the pottle of vanilla bean panna cotta topped with thyme shortbread was a personal highlight. 

The night was one of big ideas, ambitious plans and some hard-hitting realism. Whether you were part of the process this year or not, have a roll through the photos that Aria snapped and soak up something of the collaborative energy that characterised the night. AND, Eddy and Jade did a little bit of a magic trick between the main course and pudding… they consolidated all of the ideas into the Insider’s Guide to Change (IGTC), which can be used by anyone and everyone to help keep big (and small) organisations innovating, changing and growing.

A huge thanks to our sponsors AUT and Vodafone for making the night a reality.