Leadership New Zealand


Brand Strategy and Development

The NZ Leadership Programme & The Mana Moana Experience

In 2018, Leadership NZ launched The Mana Moana Experience, a programme focused on developing effective leaders with a strong awareness of issues of significance for Pasifika communities. To help Leadership NZ welcome The Mana Moana Experience to the whānau, and differentiate their existing programme, reborn as The New Zealand Leadership Programme, Curative helped to organise and clarify the brand architecture of the organisation.

With a strong brand already in place, we worked to evolve and update the core Leadership NZ identity and visual language, retaining key visual elements and expanding further to create related but clearly defined colours and graphic elements.

For each of the programmes we crafted complementary sub-brands that needed to clearly reference the core brand and share many of the key assets, while also standing proudly apart.

Using geometric elements, strong colours and bold typographic treatments, we created a modern and contemporary design system that integrates the history of Leadership NZ with the brave and fresh new thinking generated in its Leadership development programmes.


Special thanks to all of our Leadership NZ collaborators and contributors who lend their faces, words and passion to Leadership NZ.

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