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NZ Drug Foundation 


FebFast was started in Australia several years ago, and has been run annually by the NZ Drug Foundation since 2009 to raise funds and awareness to help decrease drug and alcohol related harm. Initially FebFast raised significant funds, and garnered great participation, however in recent years FebFast participation, and fundraising efforts had started to decline.

To help reinvigorate FebFast, Curative employed a co-design process to understand the potential audience and their motivations. This work lead to a re-positioning of FebFast to: a ‘celebration of being alcohol free for a month’, with an updated brand, supporting imagery and a new website utilising Givealittle’s platform and zero fees.

Curative also provided marketing support, developing key messages, street posters and a billboard which used real bunting to bring the idea of celebration to life.

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Prepared with care by: 

  • Project Lead: Eddy Dever
  • Project Support: Eddy Helm
  • Brand Design: Aria Taylor
  • Brand Collateral: Aria Taylor & Jade Tang
  • Website design & development: 96Black & Givealittle