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Equal Pay Awards

Calling for a Fairer Future
YWCA Auckland

YWCA Auckland has been operating since 1885, working on issues which strengthen our communities by empowering women. One of the core focuses for YWCA Auckland is to advocate for equal pay for equal work via an annual Equal Pay Awards.

The Equal Pay Awards were established to recognise best practice amongst business leaders actively addressing equal pay within their organisations. The awards also aim to acknowledge those on the journey to address equal pay, with the YWCA Auckland inviting corporates and SMEs to share their stories of success, inspiring change for wider business.

To help position the Equal Pay Awards in a way that builds the YWCA Auckland brand, encourage more participation in the awards and grow the commitment to change, Curative employed a co-design process which first captured the voices, opinions and creative ideas of business leaders.

With our business leaders highlighting the need for change as being especially important for their sons and daughters to enjoy more equal opportunities, we then worked with the YWCA Future Leaders and their friends to help call for a fairer future.



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Special thanks to our collaborators and contributors:


  • Erika
  • Galia 
  • Evan 
  • Emma 
  • Dr Keith Macky
  • Shar 
  • James 
  • Jannine
  • Michael 
  • Keren 

Video Production: Benj Brooking

Future Leaders & Friends: 

  • Te Po 
  • Mele 
  • Helena 
  • Joy 
  • Marie 
  • Lugram 
  • Elias 
  • Sylvana
  • Kate
  • Josiah
  • Erica 
  • Delilah 
  • Elisapeta
  • Keith