Counties Manukau Health

System Integration 


Counties Manukau Health is undergoing a massive systems change, moving to a more local and integrated patient experience to strengthen the healthcare system in the region. The magnitude and significance of this change means healthcare services will be more readily available within the localities, which would be beneficial for patients with long-term conditions or chronic illness.

Curative has a close working relationship with Innovate Change, who have been working with Counties Manukau Health on the broader strategies to implement the CM Health System Integration. We were thrilled to be brought on board to develop the System Integration’s main design and communication tools. One of these is the Systems Integration 101 video, geared towards all healthcare professionals affected by the systems change. 

Curative developed a kinetic typography animation to clarify what Systems Integration is, why it’s happening, how it’s affecting the health care professionals in the region and what the patient experience is like through this change. The video aims to be dynamic, concise and encouraging. To support the video, Curative has also produced a number of supporting tools including location based maps, brochures and Prezi’s 


Prepared with care by: 

  • Project Lead: Eddy Helm
  • Copywriting: Meghan Geliza 
  • Animation & Production: Kaan Hiini 
  • Design: Meghan Geliza  
  • Mental Health Foundation, Skylight & Youthline