Behind the Wheel


Social Marketing Programme
ACC & NZ Transport Agency


Despite significant reductions in youth road casualties since 2009, statistics show that young drivers are still overrepresented in crash statistics. Research also shows that many young people are not progressing through to the full licence, this is due to both actual and perceived barriers around: affordability for tests and lessons, access to a suitable vehicle, a suitable mentor/supervisor, practice time, along with an accepted social norm that getting ‘legal’ is not a priority. 

In response to this Curative and innovate change have been working within the Māngere community to design and deliver Behind the Wheel Māngere; a social marketing brand and programme to bring the community together to support our young people to get their full driver’s licence and make our roads a safer place.

Every stage of the design and development has included co-design process with community members and stakeholders. This level of involvement has helped to create real community ownership and leadership of the activity. This involvement also ensures that the programme responds to their current views of the licensing system, road safety and driver behaviours, and that all activity truly meets the needs of the community.

Behind the Wheel Māngere (also referred to as the Young Driver Signature Project) is a jointly-led ACC and NZTA project, co-funded by Auckland Transport, to help support at-risk young people to become safe and fully licensed drivers. The first (urban) pathfinder for this project is based in Māngere.


Special thanks to our collaborators and contributors:

Planning: innovate change

Videography: Benj Brooking

PR: Alice McKay

Community Partners: 

  • Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae


  • Māngere East Community Centre

Media Partner: Mai Fm


  • Valerie Teraitua

  • Becky Luamanu

  • Nana Mataroa 

  • Heather Rima

  • Hone Fowler

  • R-Jay Komene

  • Sandra Langi

  • Filipo Motulalo


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